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Chance Encounter

Chapter Four

“Wanda…” Kurt’s voice was low, and contained a certain amount of terseness.

“C’mon, Kurt…” She cooed.

“Wanda…” He repeated, just a notch above a growl.

“Be a good boy…” She said, her voice dripping with treacle.

Finally, he snatched the spoon from her hand. “I can feed myself!”

“Let her pamper ya, Elf.” Logan smiled. “How often are ya gonna get a lady to fuss over ya.”

“I don’t mind the pampering…” Kurt admitted, absently smoothing out the sheets of his bed. “But I don’t need babying.”

“I’m just getting in a little practice.” She winked at him.

Kurt arched a brow at what she was suggesting. “Don’t you think you’re rushing things just a little bit?”

“Just testing the waters…” She leaned forward and kissed him gently. “You passed…you didn’t baulk at the idea…”

“And yer not getting any younger, Elf.” Logan added with a smirk. If it were not for Wanda, he wouldn’t have left Kurt’s side. He still felt responsible for what had happened to his blue-furred friend. But he also knew that the pair were on the brink of something wonderful. Something intense. He could tell by the way they looked at each other, the gentle touches, the scent of the pheromones they were completely unaware they were giving off…

They had it bad…

And with Kurt flat on his back in a hospital bed, as per Hank’s orders, they couldn’t really explore the feelings that were still developing. So Wanda was doing the best she could. She’d taken a sabbatical from her duties in order to spend as much time as she could with the ailing X-Man.

He knew she was joking with the talk of offspring. But he’d witnessed the interaction between them. He sighed inwardly. He hadn’t seen anything like it since he’d first met Scott and Jean…

“You can talk.” Kurt smirked at Logan, breaking him from his thoughts of a certain redhead. Nobody knew exactly how old he was, just that it was ‘very’.

Wanda had retrieved the spoon, dipping it slowly into the steaming soup she had been attempting to feed the injured mutant. She smiled at him as she seductively blew across the spoon’s bowl, scattering the wisps of steam to the wind, before offering it to him.

Logan rose and silently left the room, granting the pair some time alone.


Hank sat quietly reading one of his numerous scientific volumes, barely paying any attention to Kurt as he worked through a series of intricate, but gentle tai chi moves. He’d been complaining, almost whining, about being confined to bed, so Hank had relented and brought him down to the gymnasium with the provision that he didn’t push himself too hard.

Kurt was a very physical being, with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy. Being told to take it easy was torture for him. But he was wise enough not to risk aggravating his injury.

Or at least Hank thought he was.

As Kurt spun silently, graceful through the gentle martial art he noticed the gymnastics equipment set up on the far side of the room. He arched a brow as he glanced back at Hank, completely absorbed in his journal. A wicked smile curled his lips as he began to move rather subtly towards the apparatus.

“Don’t even think about it.” Hank said without looking up from his book.

“What?” Kurt asked innocently.

Hank looked at him over the rim of his glasses. “I know you, Kurt.” He sighed. “I know you hate being grounded like this. But you’re not up to it.” He gestured towards the equipment. “You over exert yourself and you’re only going to make things worse.”

Kurt sighed and sat down heavily next to his blue-furred companion. “You’re healing well…” Hank told him. “But you have to take it easy for another couple of weeks…”

“I just feel so useless…” Kurt said. “Having to hang around the mansion…it’s just so boring…”

“Not happy unless you’re out there saving the damsels in distress, huh?” Hank smiled.

“He better not be doing any damsel rescuing…” A playful voice chimed in. “If he knows what’s good for him.”

“Wanda…” Hank nodded in way of greeting.

“I didn’t take you for the jealous type, Liebe.” Kurt smiled, as he rose to meet her properly.

“Not jealous…” She countered. “Selfish…” She draped her arms around his neck. “I want you all to myself…” She rubbed her nose against his.

“Actually…I think that can be arranged…”

The trio turned as Charles Xavier wheeled into the gymnasium.

“You need some time to convalesce, Kurt.” He continued. “And I know you feel like you’re climbing the walls around here. Perhaps you should get away for a while?”

“A vacation?” Kurt questioned.

“Wanda’s already taken a leave of absence from the Avengers…” He smiled. “I can easily grant you the same.”

“You’re suggesting we go together?” Kurt arched a brow.

“Sounds good to me…” Wanda murmured in his ear.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea…” Kurt shook his head. Wanda looked at him, more than a little hurt. “Hank has told me I shouldn’t be doing anything to over exert myself…and being alone with you…far too tempting I’d put myself in traction or something.” He winked at her.

“Well…” Wanda arched a brow as Charles and Hank chuckled. “Someone’s got a high opinion of themselves…”


They decided on the mountains. It was the off-season, cold enough to be cosy, but not yet cold enough to actually be snowing. It was more fitting with their shared European heritage. And besides…Kurt just wasn’t designed for the beach.

They arrived without incident, nobody batted an eye at Wanda’s celebrity, though some had paused at Kurt’s obvious mutant status, nothing was said, and they soon recovered. They’d then been shown to a very large and opulent suite. A large balcony afforded a spectacular view of the surrounding hills.

“Wow…” Wanda whispered as Kurt tipped the bellboy, closing the door behind him.

“The professor certainly has clout, ja?” He smiled.

“This must be a Presidential Suite or something…” She said as she slid open the glass door that opened onto the balcony. She breathed in the cool, crisp mountain air. She smiled, glancing back as a pair of strong arms curled around her. “And you didn’t want to come…”

“I didn’t say that…” He countered. “I just knew I wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation…”

“Then why resist it?” She teased, reaching back to stroke his furry cheek.

“Why indeed…” He murmured into her neck.

She sighed as he began to nuzzle her. She had absolutely no fear of his fangs, she knew he’d never hurt her. The velveteen brush of his fur against her neck sent a shiver through her entire body. She found herself wondering what it would be like to feel that marvellous tickle along her entire length…

“Kurt…” She whispered as she remembered Hank’s warning.

“Yes…” Kurt pulled back. “It is hardly appropriate to give the other patrons a free show…”


They found a nice, secluded little restaurant for dinner. Some of the other patrons gave them something of the hairy eyeball, but for the most part they were left alone at their table in the far corner, as far away from everyone and everything that they could be, by their request. It was their first, truly romantic date, and it didn’t really matter to them where they were or what they ate. They had each other and that was enough…

They shared tales of their adventures with their various companions. Between them, they figured they’d helped save the world at least a dozen times, faced death at least twice as many times but only fallen in love twice a piece.

“Third time’s the charm, huh?” Wanda asked over a sip of champagne.

“We can certainly hope so…” Kurt replied softly.

They gazed at each other for several long moments. Wanda could feel Kurt’s tail coiling gently around her leg, the spaded tip brushing suggestively against her inner thigh, just above her knee. She raised a brow as his face remained completely innocent, as if he was totally unaware of just what the errant appendage was doing.

“Perhaps we should return to our room?” She suggested a little breathlessly.

“Perhaps we should…” Kurt agreed.


Kurt poked at the flames, smiling as their warmth washed over him. He turned when he heard a soft rustle of silk behind him. The smile faded as he took in the sight before him. Wanda looked stunning, draped in a flowing scarlet silk and lace negligee. She smiled shyly as his eyebrows raised, stunned, but appreciative of her efforts. She walked towards him as he rose from his crouch in front of the fire and wrapped her arms loosely around his neck.

She knew she was teasing him, wearing the damn thing. She knew he wasn’t up to anything…strenuous…but she couldn’t help it. She loved the way the silk felt against her skin. She loved they way she looked in it. And most of all, she loved they way it made him look at her.

“Tell me something. Liebe…” Kurt said softly. “Do you own anything that isn’t red?”

“I happen to like red.” She smirked at him. She leaned forward and rubbed his nose with hers. “Though, I must say that blue has grown on me somewhat in the past few months…”

“I’ll bet…” Kurt smirked, capturing her mouth in a deep kiss before she could say anymore.

She sighed against his lips, tightening her arms’ grip on his shoulders. His kisses always made her feel so wonderfully light-headed. His hands slid in a slow caress down the curve of her body as they came to rest on the flare of her hips.

She gasped as he released her mouth, her heavily lidded eyes met his for a moment before he moved onto her neck. She moaned as he trailed kisses along the ivory skin, continuing downwards, across her throat and toward the lacy cleavage of her negligee.

“Kurt…” She breathed in little more than a whisper. Her head lolled back as she felt the velveteen brush of his hands on her bare shoulders, one slowly working the spaghetti strap along the gentle curve.

“We can’t!” She said so suddenly, so startled, he pulled back with a frown.

“You want me to stop?” He asked softly.

“God, no…” She took his face in her hands. He flashed his teeth and leaned forward, but her hands held him fast. “But I don’t want to put you back in the hospital…”

“Now who’s got a high opinion of themselves?” He arched a brow.

“I’m serious, Kurt.” She said, her hand drifting to his firm, though still somewhat tender abdomen. “You know what Hank said…you’re not to exert yourself.”

“Actually…” Kurt began as he considered this. “Hank said I wasn’t to OVER exert myself…” He took the hand that rested on his belly, kissing her palm before placing it gently on his shoulder. “If we take things slowly…” He leant forward again, and this time she didn’t deny him the kiss.

“Carefully…” He added several minutes later when they broke a moment for air.

“Gently…” He continued the next time they came up for air. “Everything will be fine.”

She looked at him for a moment, then smiled as she wrapped her arms a little more tightly around her neck. Whether he was right or wrong, she had no desire to argue with him…

She wasn’t sure how long they had been locked in their current embrace when her hands slid down his sides, tugging at the hem of his sweater. He loosened his grip on her, allowing her to shimmy the woollen garment up his body and over his head. Her nimble fingers made short work of the buttons of the shirt he wore underneath. The shirt soon joined the sweater on the floor…

He closed his eyes and sighed as she ran her hands gently through his soft fur. She’d never felt anything like it, so warm and smooth beneath her fingers. Then her fingers encountered the ragged wound that had been torn through it. He flinched slightly, it still hurt a little to the touch, he really should have had it wrapped, but the bandages pulled on his fur and made him uncomfortable. Her eyes teared up at the thought of causing him pain. He kissed her gently, reassuringly. Then she wrapped her arms tightly about him again, laying her head on his shoulder, rubbing her cheek against the soft warmth of his velvet coat.

She wanted him…needed him…but she couldn’t bear hurting him. She loved him too much for that…

She was about to suggest they stop, wait until he was stronger, when she felt his hands on her shoulders, felt the thin straps on her negligee slip down her arms. The negligee was soon nothing more than a puddle of red silk at her feet. She shivered slightly, the room suddenly feeling very cold. She was a little annoyed at him, for denying her the caress of the silk that she loved so much. But then he pulled her closer, all but crushing her against him. She moaned at the feel of his fur against her bare skin. It more than made up for the loss of the silk.

She looked into his golden eyes, seeing her need, her passion mirrored there. Her nimble fingers now worked quickly on his belt, she wanted to feel the brush of velvet against her entire body. They twisted, sinking to their knees as they rid each other of the last barriers of cloth between them.

His tail twined around her waist, protectively, possessively as he lowered her down amongst the soft cushions that were scattered about the floor in front of the fire. She hadn’t had many lovers in her time, and it had been a while since the last, but she knew what came next. She braced herself…but it didn’t come.

Kurt continued to caress her, to kiss her, each touch enflaming her, burning her, hotter than the fire that warmed them both from without. She realised that he truly was different to her past loves. They almost seemed selfish in comparison, more interested in their own pleasure than hers. Her thoughts of them, fleeting as they had been, vanished completely as Kurt overwhelmed all her senses.

The tail loosened, arching up over him it swayed slowly, almost hypnotically, back and forth. He smiled at her as he moved over her, so sweetly she couldn’t help but smile back. He kissed her tenderly, a hand gliding along her body, resting on her hip for a moment. It continued along her leg, taking a firm grip on her knee, pushing gently. She knew what he was up to, and shifted beneath him, moaning at the velveteen touch on the tender skin of her inner thighs.

She moaned again, arching her back as she felt him brush against her. She gripped his shoulders tightly, groaning in slight frustration as he continued to take things slowly. He moved down her body, kissing, nuzzling, tasting, all the way down and back again. Lips and fingers teased her flesh as whispered endearments teased her ears.

She wasn’t used to this much…attention. She rubbed herself against him, getting some satisfaction from the deep, rumbling groan she elicited from him. She saw the tail flick across her clouding vision, then disappear from view. Tentatively, she began to stroke his fur, caress him as he was caressing her. She almost giggled as he began to purr. But then she gasped as something brushed against her very centre, finding the source of her heat with an unnerving accuracy. Thin and supple, it coiled and undulated, twisted and turned, within and without. ‘The tail!’ She realised as its touch threatened to send her over the edge.

She squeezed her eyes shut as she fought to maintain control. But it was too much. Between him, his kisses, his caresses, his fur and his tail, she couldn’t help herself. She cried out, digging her fingers into his shoulder blades as a wave of pure bliss rolled over her.

He stroked her hair and cooed in her ear, giving her a moment to regain herself. She whimpered as the tail moved, gasped as the now very slick appendage withdrew, shuddered for a moment then wrapped itself around her leg.

She ran a shaky finger along his jaw line, her touch causing him to shift slightly in order to look at her. His eyes were glowing softly as he smiled at her, happy to bask in her reflected glow. She felt it only right to return the favour.

She rubbed her cheek against his, murmuring in his pointed ear as she ran her hand along his side. He began to nibble on the nape of her neck as she slipped her hand between them. She smiled when she heard him gasp, felt his body tense as her fingers brushed a certain part of his anatomy. He growled, truly growled, as she ran a finger gently up and down it. He gazed at her, at little embarrassed at the growl, but there was no mistaking the love in those beautiful golden eyes, as she gently guided him to her still heated centre.

It seemed to take an eternity of agonising ecstasy for him to fill her. He nuzzled her neck all the while, hands still dusting her sides. The feel of fur against her skin was amazing, making her body tingle with every move of his perfectly disciplined body.

‘Oh God! No wonder Amanda kept coming back for more!’ The thought fluttered quickly across her mind. But the brief thought of his ex made her feel strangely possessive. She ran her hands down his back, marvelling at the way the fur bristled beneath her fingers, twining her legs around his. His entire body shuddered as her fingers brushed against the spot where his tail exited his body at the base of his spine. The tail arched up and he let out a shuddering moan. A most interesting reaction…

She increased the pressure, dragging her fingernails across it for good measure. He arched back, hissing through clenched teeth, but she could tell from his expression, and the fact that he didn’t stop her, that it was not caused by pain. Now it was his turn to fight for control.

Finally, he reached back and pulled her hands away. He took a firm grip on either wrist, gazing at her with an intense passion as he pinned them back above her head. She was momentarily afraid by that intensity, by the fact that he had her totally immobilised, until he kissed her in that same, gentle way that always left her breathless.

Time seemed to lose all meaning in the perfection of their union. Nothing seemed to exist beyond the pleasure they brought each other. No thought, no sound, no feeling. The world could end and they wouldn’t notice.

She could feel her body peaking again, her heart was racing, her breath catching in her throat. Only this time she wasn’t alone.

This time they reached heaven together.


Wanda shivered and snuggled up against Kurt’s side. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled at her. He noticed her trembling, despite the fire’s comforting glow. He wondered how long they’d been sleeping.

He ran a hand over her upper arm. “Feeling a little cold, Liebe?” He asked. She answered with a nod and snuggled even closer into his fur. “Hold on a minute…” He kissed her deeply, then rolled away from her and promptly vanished in a puff of brackish smoke.

“Kurt?” She queried. “Where…?” But he was back before she could finish.

“Miss me?” He beamed, pulling her into another kiss.

“Always…” She smiled when he released her.

“Brace yourself.” He said, wrapping his arms tightly around her.

“For what?” She asked as the sulphurous cloud of his mutant power enveloped them both.

She gasped as they reappeared a couple of inches above the bed. He had twisted within the teleport somehow so she landed on top of him as they fell onto the soft mattress. Kurt’s tail twisted in the bedding, which he had flipped back in his previous ‘port, dragging them upwards until he could grab them and pull them over them both.

“All snugly now?” He asked as he ran his hands down the curve of her body.

“Um hmmm…” She smiled as she pressed her lips to his. She felt him hiss against her lips, this time with pain, and she realised it must have been due to her lying atop his injury. She rolled off him, pulling him on to his side as she did so due to his reluctance to break the kiss. But she broke it any way, placing a hand on his tender belly.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Yeah…” He sighed. “I might have overdone it a little…” He admitted, putting a hand over hers where it lay against his furred abdomen.

“Poor baby…” She cooed. “Still…if that’s what your like when your injured…” She smiled impishly.

“Well…” He mused. “When I’m fully healthy…I CAN scratch my ears with my toes…”

“Really?” She asked with an arched brow.

“Hang from the ceiling with them too if I want to…” He added.

“So are we talking Karma Sutra here or what?” She smiled impishly.

“Easily…” He smirked back as he resumed his neck nuzzling.

“I’m a dead woman…” She concluded as he rolled her onto her back.

“But what a way to go…” He smiled down at her.


There was a smile on Wanda’s lips as consciousness returned to her. Her body tingled, inside and out.

‘Guess that’s what happens when you’re buffed all night with velvet.’ She sighed. Wanda knew she was alone even before she opened her eyes, she could hear the faint hiss of the shower. She rolled over and glanced at the clock. 10:21 AM.

‘Hmmm…’ She mused. ‘Time for brunch…’ She glanced at the bathroom door, an almost evil smirk curling her features. ‘Or maybe we can just fill in some time until lunch…’

She slipped out of bed and padded silently towards the bathroom. She didn’t bother with a dressing gown. Kurt had explored every square inch of her body the previous evening, after all. And besides, with what she had in mind, clothing was definitely not a requirement.

She pushed open the door and inhaled the sweet smelling steam. Kurt had a tendency to overcompensate with the soap to hide the smell of brimstone that continuously hung around him. His silhouette was dark behind the frosted glass. His head was back as he let the warm water flow over him. She didn’t notice his eyes flick back towards her as she silently slid open the shower screen. But as she wrapped her arms around him from behind, his tail flicked up, brushing against her most tender flesh.

“Oooohhh…” She gasped as he turned to face her. “You’re supposed to be an elf…not an imp…”

“One is synonymous with the other…” He pointed out. “My ruby enchantress….” He added in a purr as he pushed her back against the far end of the shower stall. And she knew full well he’d caught onto her wavelength

“Maybe we should dry off before things…get out of hand…?” She suggested.

“You were the one who brought up the Karma Sutra, Liebe…” He smirked.

Her eyes widened as Kurt began to trail kisses along her jaw. She’d never tried anything like that before. Her past loves had never been so adventurous. Hell…she’d never even SEEN the Karma Sutra. “What have you got in mind?”

He could hear the trepidation in her voice. “Nothing too kinky or unseemly…” He promised. “Not really my scene…and I doubt I’d be up for it anyway…”

Wanda had been surprised at just how varied his experience in such matters seemed to be as fingers and lips began to stimulate her. His explorations of the previous evening had not been in vain, he had discovered many sensitive spots that brought the most astonishing reactions from her.

“Kurt…” She whimpered. “How does a good Catholic boy know how to do this kind of thing?”

“Who said I was a GOOD Catholic boy?” He countered, slipping one of her shapely legs over his hip, giving him perfect access her most tender flesh. “Besides…” He added as he kissed her throat. “It was YOU who invaded MY shower…”

“Hmmmm…” She murmured, wrapping both her arms and the raised leg tightly around him. “I guess that’s truooohhhh…” She was left speechless as he lifted her slightly off the floor. “Careful…” She warned softly when she found her voice. He managed little more than a passionate grunt in reply. She stroked his hair as she rocked against him, closing her eyes against the shower’s spray. She threw her head back, felt the velveteen brush of his forehead against her shoulder, as that wonderful rush overtook her again. She felt him sag, slip to his knees.

“Kurt?” Her eyes snapped open.

“I’m okay…” He assured her. “Just a little worn out…” He took a deep breath. “Woman…you’re insatiable…”

“Are you complaining?” She arched a brow as she coiled a lock of his indigo hair around her finger.

“Well…” He thought for a moment. “No…”

His tail snaked out and began to fiddle with the taps behind him, turning off the shower and setting the tub to fill.

“A shared bath?” She questioned. “You ARE quite the romantic…for a butt-kicking super-hero…and naughty little Catholic boy…”

“I wear many hats.” He admitted. “Now where’s that bath foam…?”


Janet walked past the lounge, pausing when she noticed Greer perched on the windowsill, gazing at the street outside. It was quite late on a cool Sunday evening, and apart from a few brave joggers it was extremely quiet outside.

“And just what are you doing?” She asked as she sashayed into the room.

“Wanda’s due back from her wild week away with her hot DEMON lover…” Greer said matter-of-factly.

“What makes you think it was wild?” Janet asked. “Wasn’t he supposed to be convalescing from serious injuries or something?”

“Oh c’mon…” Greer rolled her eyes. “Those two could barely keep their hands off each other when they were JUST FRIENDS…do you honestly think they behaved themselves NOW? When they were all alone? In a romantic chalet? Without snow? It’s not like they could ski or build snowmen or anything…”

“They could have taken invigorating walks in the crisp mountain air.” Janet suggested. Greer just threw her a look.

“Why are you so keen to see those two get together any way?” Janet asked after a long pause. “Don’t get me wrong…I’ve got nothing against Kurt, he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met…but you’ve been pushing Wanda so hard…”

“I just want her to be happy.” Greer said. “Simon really hurt her. Add to that the problems her brother’s had, she’s been shit scared to take a chance with anyone. Kurt’s almost replaced us as her best friend…they’ve got so much in common. And you know the best couples start out as friends.” She chuckled. “And besides, they just look so darn cute together!”


Wanda couldn’t help but smile as Kurt offered his hand to help her out of the Professor’s Bentley.

“You’re so gallant.” She cooed at him as he pulled her to her feet. “Quite refreshing in this day and age.” He twisted her hand in his and brought it to his lips, bowing gracefully as he released it. She laughed quietly for a moment, then sighed sadly. “I’m going to miss you.” She admitted. “Miss falling asleep in your arms…” She lay her head on his shoulder as she wrapped her arms around him.

Kurt stroked her hair. “Perhaps we should think about making more permanent arrangements?” She looked up at him, startled, but she could see the seriousness in his eyes.

“Now who’s rushing things?” She smiled at him. “It’s only been a week…an extremely amazing week…but still just a week.”

“Actually…we’ve been seeing each other for nearly seven months…” He pointed out. “Besides…I only said that we should think about it…I’m not rushing you into anything…” He kissed her gently, both heedless of the world around them.

They were brought back to earth and broke apart quickly when they heard a loud whoop from inside.

“It would seem we have an audience.” He smirked.

“Greer…” Wanda nodded.


Wanda hummed to herself as she headed for the stairs. She knew full well that she was about to be intercepted, but she was feeling way too playful.

“Hold on there, girl.” Wanda smiled at the sound of Greer’s voice, turning to face her. “You really think you were gonna get away that easy?” The cat woman arched a brow. “We saw that kiss…”

“Made Greer go weak at the knees.” Janet cut in.


“What is there to spill?” Wanda shrugged. “We had a nice time…”

“Nice?” Greer echoed. “NICE!? Girl, if you were glowing any brighter you’d spontaneously combust!”

“Well…” Wanda said. “You were right about one thing, Greer.” She leaned on the balustrade, a mischievous look taking over her features.

“What’s that?” She asked.

“It’s just like a peach!”

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