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Shattered Dreams

Written by Karl Bollers
Art by Patrick Spaziante, Sam Maxwell and Harvey Marcadoocasio

As Claris, Elliot, Napp and Snuze help NiGHTS to safety, Roger finds himself in the Dream World, a snarling Clawz at his heels. It’s looking bad for Roger until Clawz is stopped in his tracks by a blast of energy from Reala. He is relieved to see the Nightmaren, until Reala expresses his disappointment, and soon learns just how fearful Reala can be.

Lieutenant Lucy O’Lawful has taken up a stakeout position at Twin Seeds Tower, waiting for the return of R.E.M., but still fails to stop them from taking Mr Weiss hostage. In an effort to get NiGHTS home, the group are on their way to the tower, Roger following close behind, fearful of what Reala will do if he fails him again. NiGHTS attempts to stop R.E.M.’s bomb from detonating, but is too late. The blast destroys the top of the tower, opening the rift between the realms, giving Reala access to the waking world, and a battle between the two Nightmaren ensues.

Already weakened, things are going badly for NiGHTS, until Claris, Elliot, Napp and Snuze convince Roger to stop feeding Reala his dream energy. Now weakened himself, Reala falls victim to the fate he had in store for NiGHTS, while NiGHTS makes it back to where he truly belongs…

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