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Reala’s Wrath

Written by Karl Bollers
Art by Patrick Spaziante, Sam Maxwell and Harvey Marcadoocasio

While Roger has NiGHTS locked up in his basement, Claris and Elliot have to try to get away from the police station where they’ve been taken after being picked up for truancy. They see their chance when the terrorists NiGHTS thwarted are brought in for questioning. The terrorists, calling themselves R.E.M. believe there is something evil about Twin Seeds Tower and so plan to destroy it. Before they can say anymore, they are rescued by other members of their movement who break through the wall in a tank-like vehicle with many mechanical hands. It is during this commotion that Claris and Elliot make their escape.

In the Dream World Reala is having a blast, literally, as he experiments with his rapidly increasing powers. It seems that while NiGHTS is weakening in the real world he is somehow absorbing all the strength that NiGHTS is losing. The remaining First - Level Nightmaren challenge his usurped position, but Reala proves he’s the logical choice for the job by frying the lot of them.

Snuze and Napp return to the real world to try and help NiGHTS, while R.E.M. up their agenda, by commencing Operation: Shut Eye. Police Lieutenant, Lucy O’Lawless, visits the industrialist owner of Twin Seeds Tower, Mr Weiss to inform him that the R.E.M. agents have escaped. She learns that he is planning the construction of five additional towers.

Napp and Snuze find Claris and Elliot outside Roger’s house, another vision of NiGHTS having led them there. The dream pair take out Roger, and then the quartet break into the basement to rescue their friend, but it looks like their too late…

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