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The Mysterious Daze Of NiGHTS

Written by Karl Bollers
Art by Patrick Spaziante, Sam Maxwell and Harvey Marcadoocasio

Claris and Elliot are preparing for an outing together, both thinking about the amazing adventure they just shared in their dreams, and about each other. Elliot knocks at Claris’ door. When she opens it she finds him dressed in his underwear, and he is stunned to find her face smeared with clown-like make-up. The pair awake from their shared nightmare, unaware that in the Realm of Dreams a familiar figure, responsible for the nightmare is watching them. Reala laughs at their predicament, but quickly sobers as his thoughts turn to the still missing NiGHTS.

NiGHTS is currently in the waking world, flying high over the city of Twin Seeds. He plays hero with some parachuters, scaring them as much as helping them, before thwarting the plans of a group of terrorists. But all NiGHTS really wants is to go home, and he soon finds himself afraid and on the run from the police. Claris and Elliot see his predicament through some kind a vision, and leave their classrooms to go to his aid. NiGHTS manages to lose himself in a group of mimes, but he is afraid of them too, and soon flees. Feeling weak, he collapses in an alley, but is soon offered a helping hand…

Claris and Elliot find each other, and the mimes, who are happy to help them, but the pair are soon nabbed by a police officer for truancy. From the back of the police car they see the weakened NiGHTS, supported by a rather jubilant looking Roger…

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