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Fight To The Finish

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Patrick Spaziante, Manny Galan and Harvey Mercadeocasio

With his battle half won, Wiseman decides to take the now weakened NiGHTS out of the picture by sending Reala after him. NiGHTS is defeated and returned to his Ideya Prison. Meanwhile, an equally imprisoned Snuze convinces Napp that he may be half bad, but he is also half good, and the pair leave Wiseman’s castle to go and help Elliot and Claris.

Claris is at rehearsals, and due to the fact that she gave up her dream energy to Wiseman, in essence, giving up her dreams, she no longer possesses her dream of becoming a great singer, and has lost her singing ability. As she leaves the auditorium, Wiseman makes his move, using her red dream energy to widen the tear between realities.

On the other side of town, Elliot has called it a night, resting up for his big game tomorrow, but he soon finds himself back in the world of dreams, and even worse, in Reala’s presence. Reala doesn’t waste time offering Elliot his dreams in exchange for his red dream energy, he just takes it. While Elliot makes a break for it, Reala realises he’s holding the basketball Elliot was touching in the real world and not the treasured dream sphere.

Snuze manages to catch Elliot, while a brave Napp snatches Claris’ dream sphere out of Wiseman’s hand. He returns it to the terrified girl and convinces her to help in the battle against Wiseman. Meanwhile, an enraged Reala is closing in on Snuze and Elliot, so Snuze asks the boy to fly on his own while he does something about Reala. Elliot is surprised to find that he can in fact fly. Snuze clamps his hands over Reala’s eyes, and tells Elliot to go and free NiGHTS. He meets up with Claris and somehow, when they free their captive friend, he tears himself in two, bonding with them both. The trio quickly despatch Wiseman, putting a halt to his evil scheme.

But the battle has cost NiGHTS dearly. Tearing himself apart has drained him of almost all of his energy. Elliot and Claris willing sacrifice their red dream energy, giving up their dreams to save their friend. But it isn’t enough…only by making their dreams reality can they save NiGHTS. Unknown to any of them, Reala is watching through Wiseman’s one remaining all seeing hand. Assuming his Master’s place, he has plans of his own…

But…in the waking world, Claris finds her voice, wowing the producers of the Twin Dreams production. And Elliot finds the strength to stand up against Roger, making an almost impossible shot to win the game. As he leaves the court in triumph, he is drawn by the nearby sound of music. He follows the siren song to Claris, and for the first time, the meet in the real world. And at that moment, in the Dream World, the shard on NiGHTS’ chest glows.

That night, the two perfect dreamers are wakened from their sleep by a familiar sound, a sound heard before only in their dreams. If they had looked out their window they would have seen a familiar figure alight gracefully on the very tip of the spire atop Twin Seeds tower…

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