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Name: Wiseman the Wicked
Species: Nightmaren (Lord and Master)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unspecified, usually considered male

Wiseman the Wicked is Lord and Master of all Nightmare. But that was not enough. He set his sights on Nightopia, easily defeating its gentle inhabitants with his ensorcelled minions. He then decided to take over the waking world, creating the 1st class Nightmaren to lead his armies. The Nightmaren, like any sentient creatures, each had a will of their own, so to make them more controllable he cast a spell to make them all subservient to him. Even his most powerful Nightmaren were affected. Only the mischievous NiGHTS remained unaffected.

The rebellious NiGHTS thwarted his plans to use the red dream energy of the last two perfect dreamers to remake the waking world, and so was imprisoned for a century. But with the help of the two current perfect dreamers, NiGHTS escaped to continue his fight against Wiseman, eventually defeating his former master. The true fate of Wiseman remains unknown.

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