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Name: Roger Wilkeau
Species: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Male

As Reala is to NiGHTS, so Roger is to Elliot, his equal and opposite. Like Elliot, Roger is an excellent basketball player, but he knows little about fair play, often goading is opponent into making a costly mistake. It is little wonder that Wiseman approached him to bond with Reala in order to defeat the renegade NiGHTS who had already bonded with Elliot.

However, Roger was not happy in his role as bully and withdrew his aid to Reala just when the nefarious Nightmaren was on the brink of destroying NiGHTS once and for all, and in doing so led to Reala’s ultimate defeat. Due to their shared knowledge of the Dream Realm, Roger, Elliot and Claris have now become friends.

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