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Name: Kuraido
Species: Unknown, generally considered Nightopian (1st class)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unspecified, generally considered male

Something of a ‘knight in shining armour’, the mysterious black clad Kuraido rescued the stranded Claris, returning her to Nightopia after Wiseman banished her dreamself to Yume’s realm between realities. He joined the fight against Wiseman, but is not entirely trusted by NiGHTS and his companions due to his reluctance to answer their questions. Wiseman is extremely interested in Kuraido, due to the fact that he personally destroyed all the first class Nightopians eons ago, and is curious as to how Kuraido survived the slaughter and escaped detection for so long.

The strong silent type, Kuraido rarely speaks and spends most of his time alone, exploring the various areas throughout Nightopia. He is an extremely ferocious fighter, showing his adversaries absolutely no mercy, something that alienates him from NiGHTS even more so, even though NiGHTS understands that Kuraido’s anger at the Nightmaren stems from the fact that his people were so cruelly butchered by their Lord and Master. Kuraido doesn’t even try to hide his intense hatred of the Nightmare Lord, and takes great enjoyment in thwarting his plans.

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