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Name: Claris Sinclair
Species: Human
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Claris is one of the two perfect dreamers born every one hundred years. As a perfect dreamer, she possesses the rarest of all dream energies, the red energy of courage. Born into a theatrical family, Claris is a natural performer. She possesses a beautiful singing voice, and longs to be a soloist. Originally quite shy when it came to performing in front of an audience, she found the courage she needed through her adventures with NiGHTS, where she learned of the inner strength she already possessed. She willingly gave up her red dream energy in order to save NiGHTS from vanishing from existence after he used up nearly all his energy in his battle against Wiseman. During these adventures she also met the second perfect dreamer, Elliot Edwards. The two formed an instant bond, due to their shared experience, a bond that is slowly deepening into something more than friendship.

Claris has a gentle nature and a trusting soul, which can lead her into trouble when she puts her faith in those she really shouldn’t, such as the Reala possessed Roger Wilkeau, and the smooth talking Wiseman. But she can also have faith in those that deserve it when appearances say otherwise.

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